Arizona, CL-1005406, Consumer Lender License
California, 60DBO-49318, Finance Lender and Broker
Connecticut, SLC-1897458, Small Loan Company License
Hawaii , COLAX 1094, Exempt Out-Of-State Collection Agency
Idaho, RRL-10358, Regulated Lender License
Kansas, SL.0026756, Supervised Loan License
Kansas, NOT.0026744, Uniform Consumer Credit Code Notification
Louisiana, 1897458, Licensed Lender Main Office
Maine, SVR14934, Loan Servicer Registration
Maine, CSO15239, Loan Broker License
Maryland, 8015, Loan Broker (Non-Mortgage) License
Minnesota, 40662985, Collection Agency License
Montana, 1897458, Consumer Loan License
New York, City of Buffalo, CAG19-10053834, Collection Agency License
North Dakota, MB103531, Money Broker License
North Dakota, CA103530, Collection Agency License
Oklahoma, SL008605, Supervised Lender License
Oregon, 50361, Collection Agency Registration
South Carolina, SL-1897458, Supervised Lender License Company
South Carolina, SLW1-1897458, Supervised Lender License Website 1
South Carolina, SLW2-1897458, Supervised Lender License Website 2
South Dakota, MYL.3418, Money Lender License
Vermont, 1897458-1, Loan Solicitation License
Wisconsin, 3216-LC, Loan Company License
Wyoming, SL-4034, Supervised Lender License

Uplift Inc. NMLS No. 1897458

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