• State Licenses
  • Arizona, CL-1005406, Consumer Lender License
  • California, 60DBO-49318, Finance Lender and Broker
  • Connecticut, SLC-1897458, Small Loan Company License
  • Hawaii , COLAX 1094, Exempt Out-Of-State Collection Agency
  • Idaho, RRL-10358, Regulated Lender License
  • Kansas, SL.0026756, Supervised Loan License
  • Kansas, NOT.0026744, Uniform Consumer Credit Code Notification
  • Louisiana, 1897458, Licensed Lender Main Office
  • Maine, SVR14934, Loan Servicer Registration
  • Maine, CSO15239, Loan Broker License
  • Maryland, 8015, Loan Broker (Non-Mortgage) License
  • Minnesota, 40662985, Collection Agency License
  • Montana, 1897458, Consumer Loan License
  • New York, City of Buffalo, CAG19-10053834, Collection Agency License
  • North Dakota, MB103531, Money Broker License
  • North Dakota, CA103530, Collection Agency License
  • Oklahoma, SL008605, Supervised Lender License
  • Oregon, 50361, Collection Agency Registration
  • South Carolina, SL-1897458, Supervised Lender License Company
  • South Carolina, SLW1-1897458, Supervised Lender License Website 1
  • South Carolina, SLW2-1897458, Supervised Lender License Website 2
  • South Dakota, MYL.3418, Money Lender License
  • Vermont, 1897458-1, Loan Solicitation License
  • Wisconsin, 3216-LC, Loan Company License
  • Wyoming, SL-4034, Supervised Lender License

Uplift Inc. NMLS No. 1897458

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