How does it work?

Uplift gives you the freedom to purchase what you want now and pay over time with fixed monthly payments.

Uplift is often a better alternative to credit cards because Uplift charges only simple interest while credit cards charge interest on interest.

Uplift also makes budgeting easy so you can manage your expenses over time rather than paying one large sum all at once.

Uplift gives you the freedom to purchase what you want now and pay over time with fixed installments.  Shop on any of our merchant websites and when you’re ready to checkout, just select “Uplift” as your payment method, complete a short application, and receive an instant decision. Click here for a list of our merchants that offer Uplift

Shop for your items and add them to your cart just like you normally would.  When you are ready to checkout, simply select Uplift as your payment method. You’ll need to provide some basic information like your mobile number and the last four digits of your social insurance number to apply. If you’re approved, finish checking out and you’re done.

We are very sorry your travel was disrupted by the unprecedented impact from COVID-19. We’re confident that travel will eventually return to normal. In the meantime, we want to help you understand how cancellations affect your loan with Uplift.

Cancelled trips result in either a refund or a credit voucher. Only your travel provider can issue a refund or a credit voucher.

A refund will be applied to the balance of your Uplift loan. If you would like your loan reduced by the amount of your refund you need to request a refund from your travel provider.

For a refund, you must contact your travel provider directly and request a refund to the original form of payment. 

Please note, some travel providers take up to 90 days to process refunds. Uplift will send you an email notification as soon as we receive your refund from the travel provider.

If you receive a refund for more than the balance owed, we will apply the full amount to your loan balance and credit back all remaining funds to the method of payment that was originally charged.

If you receive a refund for less than the balance owed, you are still responsible for the outstanding balance and your monthly payments remain the same until your balance is paid in full. We will automatically stop your payments when the loan is paid in full.

If you prefer a credit voucher or your travel provider is only able to offer a credit voucher, your loan with Uplift remains the same. Simply continue making your monthly payments and use your credit voucher to rebook your travel when you are ready – based on your travel provider’s guidelines.

Credit cards charge interest on interest, Uplift charges only simple interest. It’s hard to understand costs when using a credit card if you are carrying a balance. Uplift finance costs are clear at the time of the purchase with no hidden fees or late payment penalties. Uplift makes it easy to budget and pay for a purchase over time rather than paying upfront and then carrying the full cost for an extended period.

To apply for Uplift, you need to make a new purchase on one of our merchant partners’ websites and select Uplift at checkout. We can’t provide loans for services/merchandise prior to purchase.

Uplift can be used to purchase a wide range of products and services from our partner merchants. Click here to see a full list of our current partners who offer Uplift.

When you check your rate, a “soft” credit inquiry occurs to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing. A soft credit inquiry doesn’t affect your credit score.

When you accept and confirm your loan, a “hard” credit inquiry occurs, which may impact your credit score. 

The last four digits of your social insurance number are used to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing.

If you receive an error message or can’t complete your purchase because of technical issues, you are welcome to submit a new application. 

Available inventory and prices change frequently and could be the reason you are unable to complete your purchase.

If you are still experiencing technical issues, feel free to call (844) 257-5400 or email us at If you leave us a message, please help us understand any problem you are experiencing, and provide at least your mobile number, your full name and the name of the merchant where you are experiencing the problem completing a purchase.

No. To pay for your merchandise over time through Uplift, purchase your items on one of our merchant partner’s websites and select “Uplift” at checkout.

Our customer support team is available 24/7/365.

Please call us at 844-257-5400, send us an email at, or chat with us on our website or in the Borrower’s Portal.

Uplift doesn’t have an app, but we do have a mobile-friendly site where you can make payments and manage your account. Visit and use the mobile number associated with your account to sign in. We’ll text you with a passcode.

We look at a number of factors, including your credit information, purchase details, and more.

Yes! You can use Uplift for upgrades, insurance, extended warranties, shipping, and more – it all depends on what the merchant offers at purchase.

At checkout, the monthly payment amount you see reflects all eligible purchases you have in your cart.

Yes! As soon as the merchant has processed your purchase it will be shipped to you, even before you finish making your installment payments.

Yes! You do need to allow a few days between booking and your departure date for things to process. Other than that, you are free to travel whenever – even before you’re all paid off.