Uplift Offers Travel Advisors New Opportunities to Upsell

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Have your clients ever asked, “Do you offer a payment plan?” or hesitated to book now due to upfront costs?

Enter Uplift, our exciting new preferred supplier, which gives your clients the option to secure a short-term loan to pay for their vacation or cruise in full at the time of booking. Uplift was designed to make it easy for clients to commit to their dream vacation now with a flexible and convenient monthly payment solution.

Uplift Offers Book Now, Pay Over Time Solution

Uplift is available to Travel Advisors through an easy-to-use agent tool and is integrated into the MTravel booking process for an effortless customer experience. The entire process is quick and easy. The portal allows you to estimate monthly payment costs for clients during the sales process. Should they wish to finance, you can simply send an application link to your client. They can fill out the application on their smartphone or desktop and the entire process only takes a few minutes.

After a soft check on their credit score, the client will be given a variety of payment plan options based on what works best for them. Once the client selects the plan that meets their needs, they will be given their total trip cost along with a monthly payment amount, allowing them immediate booking satisfaction while taking control of their budget. The best part is that this allows your client to travel before their trip is even paid off, and the reservations are paid in full at the time of booking, so you will only invoice a full payment through ClientBase online. There is no charge to the Travel Advisor to offer Uplift. The only cost to travel clients is an annual percentage rate that can be as little as half the traditional credit card rate. And there is no need to worry about chasing down payments, as all plans are done directly with Uplift.

Clients 18 years old and up are eligible to apply if they possess a Debit Card. They can apply for as little as $150 to as much as $25,000 with terms ranging from 3 months up to 24 months. They can even use the Uplift payment plan to pay for third parties in cases where a friend or relative wants to cover the costs of a group or loved one.

A Winning Partner for Travel Advisors

“We are pleased to partner with Uplift so that our network of Travel Advisors can offer their clients a reputable and trusted solution that allows them to experience vacations that may have been otherwise delayed or hesitated planning until they had the savings,” says Christy Schafer, SVP MTravel. “Uplift is an excellent resource to our affiliate Travel Advisors to encourage their clients to enjoy enhancements to their experience, higher category accommodations, or even extended lengths of stay that they otherwise felt they could not splurge on.” Additionally, with the ease of a flexible payment plan through Uplift, a client can take advantage of special offers or pay in full deals before they are no longer available. Uplift makes these scenarios possible, which may translate to improved sales, easier accessibility to meeting goals, and more significant commissions for our affiliates.

If you missed our March Uplift online seminar there is a training video on Agent Connex > Travel Industry Webinars > Uplift – Payment Plans for Vacation Dreams.

To register and become certified with Uplift, please visit learning-uplift.com/us-partner/. There is a 30-minute certification training and sixteen questions. Within 72 hours of completion, you will receive an email from Uplift with your username and temporary password. If you do not receive an email within 72 hours, please check your spam/junk email folders.