Loan Related Questions


Uplift offers no-interest and simple interest loans, which means that interest is paid only on the principal of the loan, and not on any interest from previous periods of the loan.

Charges & Fees


Some banks show multiple items on your account for your first payment. The first item is usually a pre-authorization and it will go away automatically without resulting in a charge to your account. The second item is the actual charge to your account.

If the items on your account persist for many days, please contact Uplift Customer Service at 844-257-5400. We’ll help you look into it.

An origination fee is an upfront fee charged for processing a new loan application.

A finance charge is a payment to the lender for providing a payment schedule to a borrower. This charge can include a one-time fee, such as an origination fee, or interest payments, which can occur on a monthly payment schedule.

Common Loan Questions

Loan terms are non-negotiable.

No. You cannot use a co-borrower.

Unfortunately, we can’t make exceptions. Loan offers are based on your credit information, purchase details, and other factors.

If you need to make changes to your purchase, please contact the merchant directly. The changes may affect your loan balance.

Yes, all loans through Uplift are installment loans, which means you repay the loan over time with a set number of scheduled payments. Your payments are the same amount over the life of the loan and you can pay off your loan at any time without paying a penalty or fee.

After you fill out a short application on the merchant’s website, you will see your offer displayed with terms and monthly payment amount.

Click the “Confirm and complete purchase” button and then finish your checkout process on the merchant’s website.

All Uplift installment loans are unsecured. There is no collateral involved.

No. We do not offer refinancing options.

Yes. In order for your installment loan to be processed and approved, the person applying for the installment loan must also be on the itinerary.

Unfortunately, no. To apply for Uplift, you need to make a new purchase on one of our merchant partners’ websites.

Applications for installment loans through Uplift are offered directly on our partner merchant websites. When you are ready to checkout, choose Uplift as your method of payment. You will automatically be prompted to fill out an application. 

Denied Applications

If your application is denied, we’ll send you an email with the specific reason(s) why. That information will also be available in your account at

Loan Cancellation

If you are expecting a refund for your purchase, please forward your refund confirmation to us at If you are expecting a credit or voucher, you can use those credits towards a future purchase. Simply continue making your monthly payments and use your credit voucher to make your next purchase when you are ready, based on your merchant provider’s guidelines.

Contact the merchant directly to return your purchase. If your return is accepted, the merchant will send us the refund and we will apply the amount of your refund to the balance of your loan.

If you receive a credit rather than a refund or are charged a cancelation fee, you will still be responsible for the outstanding balance.

If the refunded amount is more than your outstanding balance, we refund that money to you.

As soon as we receive the refund from the merchant, we apply the amount towards your installment loan balance, and then issue the remaining refund to your form of payment on file. Please note that some partners take up to 90 days to issue Uplift a refund.

If the merchant issues you a credit instead of a refund, your installment loan with Uplift remains the same. Continue making your monthly payments and use the credit to make your next purchase when you are ready.

No, your monthly payments will not change. However, if Uplift receives a refund, we will apply the refund amount towards your installment loan balance.