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Software Engineer, Full Stack

This role requires designing intuitive user interfaces with an appreciation for performance within the browser footprint and efficiently utilizing backend resources.  In addition to creating great user interfaces, this roles provides an opportunity to participate in analyzing A/B test results to guide and optimize the UI through data driven decisions.


  • Work closely with backend platform teams to define clear and elegant programming interfaces that support frontend development
  • Design and develop intuitive user interfaces for internal tools, customer portals and partner websites
  • Utilize test frameworks to automate UI and API testing


  • Experience with web programming libraries and frameworks – JavaScript, ClojureScript, Java, Clojure, React, Swagger, …
  • In­-depth knowledge of browser DOM interfaces, cross browser issues and debugging techniques
  • Proficient at developing in both client-side and server-side environments
  • Maniacal about optimizing UI performance regarding browser speed, storage footprint, and network utilization
  • Respectful of data-­driven decisions and product development by tracking interactions, analyzing behaviors, and A/B testing
  • Demonstrated, working knowledge of deploying applications in AWS

Though none of these qualifications are an absolute requirement, UpLift looks for individuals who have demonstrated a history of predictably delivering impressive results. Having at least a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Mathematics or Engineering is usually a strong indicator of good candidate matches to the role.

Ideal Candidate Characteristics

  • You are passionate about creating new software products to solve new problems.
  • You have the confidence to propose and debate your innovative ideas to arrive at the best possible solutions.
  • You thrive on the intensity, the energy, the productivity and the success that comes from working in a team of talented peers aligned with common goals.

About UpLift

UpLift brings digital marketing, travel and fintech expertise to major travel brands such as The Mark Travel Corporation – operator of leading vacation brands such as Southwest Vacations, United Vacations and Funjet Vacations – and Golden Nugget. With the UpLift Platform, travel providers can drive substantial improvements in their economics by increasing top line revenue and decreasing transaction costs. The UpLift Platform is built to scale and is easy to implement. Investors include IDG Ventures, PAR Capital and Thayer Ventures.

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