Memories last forever.
Saving for them shouldn’t.

UpLift helps you spread your trip into affordable payments
to make your travel dreams a reality.

Memories last forever.
Saving for them shouldn’t.

UpLift helps you spread your trip into affordable payments to make your travel dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your travel package amount must be within $500-$10,000 and no less than 7 days from your travel date.

Unfortunately, we do not take applications over the phone.  Please visit one of our travel partners to apply.

Select UpLift’s Pay Monthly as your payment method while buying your travel through any of our travel provider partners. We make it quick and simple for you to apply for a loan during the travel purchase checkout process.

First payments may be different when travel protection is purchased or if loan limits exceed the purchase price.

On the sites of our travel provider partners, you’ll enter simple information such as your mobile number and the last four digits of your social security number during the payment step of the checkout process. We’ll let you know within seconds if you’ve been approved for a loan.

Review your payment plan details, agree to the terms and then complete your purchase on the travel provider’s site.

Be 18 years or older (other additional borrowing requirements may apply for residents in Alabama and Nebraska).

Provide a valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO home street address.

Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS texts. The phone account must be registered in your name. At this time, UpLift Pay Monthly programs are unavailable for those who are unable to agree to these terms. We do hope to offer this option in the future.

Provide your full name, email address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to help us verify your identity.

Yes, you can do so by logging into your borrower’s portal at  

UpLift offers interest rates as low as 4.99% (9.01% APR) – the industry’s lowest.

UpLift charges a 2% origination fee.

In case of a late payment, UpLift will charge a $15.00 late fee along with reporting negative loan activity to the credit reporting agencies.

Your monthly payment will not change, but the amount of the last payment and the duration of your loan will be less.

Unlike a credit card, UpLift Pay Monthly products are not a revolving line of credit. Each loan through UpLift is independent and your balance decreases as you make payments.

Yes, after obtaining your consent, we perform a ‘soft’ credit check to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing.  Regardless of the evaluation of your application, this ‘soft’ credit check will not affect your credit score.  If you apply for more loans with UpLift, additional ‘soft’ credit checks will seek your consent before a credit check is completed.

Interest begins to accrue once your loan has completed processing.  (3-4 business days from your booking date)

Your first loan payment will include the cost of travel insurance.

You may have up to two distinct loans through the UpLift Pay Monthly program. Each application of credit is evaluated based upon your credit risk at the time of application.

CBW is a Kansas-chartered bank and is the lender for all loans obtained through UpLift.

Yes. UpLift offers the industry’s highest level of data security (PCI Level 1). We encrypt all sensitive data — including your social security number. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information.

Our travel provider partners sell everything from flights, to vacation packages, from hotels to cruises, and they make Pay Monthly available for a broad range of ancillary products and travel purchases.

We consider a variety of factors when evaluating loan applications.  If we are unable to approve you for a loan, the specific reasons of why you were not approved will be provided to you through the UpLift  borrower portal at  All you will need to do is sign in using your mobile number.

You can cancel your purchase directly with the travel provider.

Your loan will show as canceled on the UpLift site within 24-48 hours.  Please sign in at using your mobile number to see if there is a remaining balance on your loan.

Any travel related changes would need to be discussed with the travel provider directly. The effect of any changes to your travel arrangements on your loan balance will depend upon the nature, type and dollar amounts involved in the change made.

In order to adjust your loan terms, you would need to re-apply through the travel provider’s site and choose the Pay Monthly option again.

During the term of your loan, your loan information will always be available through  UpLift’s borrower portal at  Simply use your mobile number to log in.

As part of your UpLift Pay Monthly loan acceptance, your payments will be automatically debited from the credit or debit card used when you initially booked your travel. 

There are no penalties for paying off your loan early.

Yes, please sign in to your borrower’s portal at to change the credit card you previously authorized.

Payments on your loan can be made through any of the following cards. (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)  Payments through any card used will earn you the benefits of using the card as the issuer allows. (items such as points or miles)

Yes – we will send you reminders via both email and text messages.

Your monthly payments are based on your date of purchase.  For example, if you purchased your ticket on January 10, 2020, your next loan payment would be on February 10, 2020.  If your scheduled payment falls on the last day of a month that does not contain 30 or 31 days, the payment will be debited on the last day of that month.

Please understand that when you take out a loan through UpLift, you are entering into a legal obligation to repay your loan. UpLift may report your repayment data to one or more credit bureaus.  If you are late on a payment, miss a payment or do not repay your loan in full, your credit may be negatively impacted and you will not be able to benefit from UpLift’s Pay Monthly financing for your future travels.

UpLift pays you immediately and in full. You don’t have to wait for customers to pay UpLift before we pay you.

We make it simple to get going with Pay Monthly. The UpLift team has done more than 200 integrations with travel providers, and we’ll help you add Pay Monthly to your site quickly.

UpLift handles all loan servicing and customer questions so you can stay focused on your core business.

In short, nothing. UpLift pays you in full at the time of the transaction. UpLift assumes the credit risk.