Loan Related Questions


Loans through Uplift are simple interest loans. Simple Interest: Interest that is paid only on the principal of a loan, and not on any interest from previous periods of the loan.

Charges & Fees

Some banks show multiple items on your account for your first payment. The first item is usually a pre-authorization and it will go away automatically without resulting in a charge to your account. The second item is the actual charge to your account.

If the items on your account persist for many days, please contact Uplift Customer Service at 844-257-5400.

An origination fee is an upfront fee charged for processing a new loan application.

A finance charge is a form of compensation to the lender for providing the funds, or extending credit to a borrower. This charge can include a one-time fee, such as an origination fee, or interest payments, which can occur on a monthly payment schedule.

Common Loan Questions

Loan terms are non-negotiable.

Financing is offered at a fixed rate only.

We do not allow for co-borrowers at this time.

We are unable to make exceptions. If your situation changes in the future, please re-apply.

Any travel-related changes should be discussed directly with the travel provider. The effect of travel arrangement changes on your loan balance will depend upon the nature, type and dollar amounts involved in the changes your travel provider makes.

Yes, this is an installment loan. This means you repay your loan over time with a set number of scheduled payments. Your payments are set at the same manageable amount over the lifespan of your loan.

Remember: You can payoff your loan at anytime without paying a penalty or fee.

To accept your loan offer, enter your full social security number, your form of payment  information and confirm your loan.

Note: The form of payment that you enter will be authorized to deduct your monthly payments. You can change your form of payment on file at anytime by visiting

All loans through Uplift are unsecured. There is no collateral involved.

We do not offer refinancing options.

Yes. In order for your loan to be processed and approved, the person applying for the loan must also be on the itinerary.

No. In order to finance a trip through Uplift Pay Monthly, the itinerary that you are attempting to book must be a new reservation created on a
travel provider that has partnered with Uplift.

Denied Applications

We consider a variety of factors when evaluating loan applications (e.g., your identification information, credit score, credit history, debt-to-income ratio). If you are not approved for a loan, the specific reasons of why you were not approved will be provided to you via email and available in your account online at

If you are not approved because your identification could not be verified, please check that the personal information you have entered is correct.

Loan Cancellation

You can cancel your trip through your travel provider. Please contact your travel provider first and then inform us of any cancellations or changes to your travel.

Your travel provider will confirm your cancellation with Uplift and notify us if any refund will be provided. If Uplift receives a refund, we will apply the credit amount to reduce your loan balance. If your travel provider issues travel refund credits (e.g. airfare credits) directly to you or charges a cancellation fee, you will still be liable for your outstanding loan balance.

If the refunded amount is more than your outstanding loan balance, we will issue a refund to the your payment method on file.

You can always check your remaining loan balance by signing into your Uplift Pay Monthly account at

The turnaround time for refunds to be received from your travel provider ranges from 14-21 days.

As soon as we receive the funds, we will apply the amount towards your loan balance and issue any refund to your form of payment on file. Please be advised that the refund amount will be less the value of any travel credits that were issued to you.

If you are expecting a refund and your loan payment is scheduled, you can delay your payment for 15 days (restrictions apply) by logging into your account at This  should allow enough time for your refund to be received and processed by Uplift.

If you are unable to process this request online, please email or Customer Service at (844) 257-5400.

No, your monthly payments will not change. However, if Uplift receives a refund, we will apply the refund amount towards your loan balance.