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Turn payments into a competitive marketing advantage

UpLift’s Card-is-the-Code technology enables Merchants to access high-value consumer audiences and grow sales revenue through our co-brand card program clients. UpLift empowers our Merchant Partners to market to opted-in users through offers or points-based incentives. UpLift’s technology inherently protects against offer stacking, viral overexposure, and provides a seamless consumer experience. Our Card-is-the-Code technology allows offers to be intelligently applied on a category or SKU-level, and effectively communicates savings or points earnings to consumers in real-time – above and beyond traditional card-linked offer capabilities.


For Brands & Retailers

  • Reach a well-qualified & engaged consumer audience with strong brand affinity
  • Access scalable, innovative marketing & revenue growth opportunities
  • Capture real-time, actionable analytics & data insights
  • Enjoy simple, single step integration
  • Offer a seamless, native user experience to shoppers

For Agencies

  • Get instant access to portfolio growth opportunities
  • Partner through a pay-for-performance model
  • Enjoy precise affiliate tracking & attribution
  • We’re network agnostic

For Consumers

  • Receive best-in-class offers
  • Earn through exceptional & attainable points programs
  • Enjoy an effortless, coherent user experience
  • Delight in immediate shopping gratification